How it Works

How it Works – lightweight, sacrificial formwork, Thermal mass, insulated concrete walls & retaining walls, Melbourne, Victoria

The Forma-Tech Wall Building System uses common steel and concrete building technology with Forma-Tech patented plastic panels as sacrificial formwork embedded in the wall.

The lightweight formwork combines engineered plastic panels with conventional steel reinforcement rods. The panels are simply clipped together on site, row by row, one floor at a time. Once erected, concrete is then poured into the formwork and sets seamlessly to the desired shape and size of the wall or retaining wall.

Forma-Tech’s unique perforated plastic formwork allows the concrete to extrude through perforations to be trowel finished providing a flat concrete surface that can be painted or rendered or have other decorative finishes, cladding or facings applied.

With Forma-Tech, the insulation is housed on the inside (along with a cavity) and the concrete is on the outside. In addition to delivering a more durable finish, it supplies the thermal mass of concrete internally where it is far more effective. The Forma-Tech system allows for steel-reinforced concrete-rendered walls and retaining walls to be poured on site quickly and cost effectively without exposed external formwork.

Our solid and double walls and retaining walls are load bearing and multi-storey capable to engineer’s/architect’s specifications. The system allows a variety of high-density load-bearing wall structures ranging from solid concrete walls to wall structures that combine the structural concrete, insulation, air cavity and render finish into a single process.

Forma-Tech walls are suitable for all types of wall structures, wall shapes and finishes including industrial walls, residential homes, multi-storey buildings, retaining walls, feature fences, garden walls, water features, ponds, water containment, large piers, columns, foundations and structural work, civic engineering and many other applications. The result is a structurally superior, more affordable wall that is multi-storey capable, time and labour saving, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

The system also reduces heavy lifting usually associated with building projects and requires no special handling or lifting equipment. Forma-Tech Wall Technologies are ideal for a wide range of building projects from housing through to premier residential and commercial developments. The Forma-Tech Building System is designed and manufactured in Australia, with worldwide patents and can deliver a wall system to suit any building project.